December Update

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Hi Everyone, 

Hope you’re having a festive time getting ready for the Holidays! Here is quick status update on A Brief History of Time Travel. 

Thanks so much for your comments online! As you know, we’ve been sending out all of our digital rewards (digital download for the movie and poster) to our backers. Please let us know if you are having problems with the download.

A mockup of the DVD cover

A mockup of the DVD cover

We have had another delay on making the DVDs. We discovered additional problems when producing the DVDs after months of working with a production house. We were promised to have the DVDs by Christmas since we’ve received some requests from people.

Unfortunately, we have to look for another company and determine the best way to put out a quality DVD that can play the subtitles properly and can play on most DVRs. We’ve learned that making a DVD is easy, but to make a DVD with closed captioning and subtitles is much more complicated. 

We want to put out the best quality of a product as possible, so thanks so much everyone for your patience. 

Happy holidays!  - ABHOTT Team 

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