Time travel is one of the most contagious ideas in science fiction. In a society where time is a unit of value and instant gratification is prized, the idea of traveling through time offers a means of escape. And our obsession with time travel is growing: in the last decade, it’s appeared more than ever in books, movies, and pop culture. What makes time travel so powerful that it resonates in each of us, and to what lengths are we going today to make it a reality?



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Cast + Crew

Produced and Directed by | Gisella Bustillos

Executive Producer | Dr. Renato Villafan 

Editor | Roser Segura

Director of Photography | Zach Stolzfus

Original Music Composed By | Tracie Turnbull

Narrated By | Michelle Power


Ronald Mallett | Professor of Theoretical Physics, University of Connecticut

Alexandra Holmes | Intuitive Business Strategist

Satyanarayana Dasa | Founder of the Jiva Institute of Vedic Studies

Bill Nye | Science Educator, Comedian and Television Host

Chana Phaedra | President and Researcher at Advanced Neural Biosciences

Seth Shostak | SETI Institute

Ted Chiang | Nebula Award Winning Writer

Tim Schafer | Founder of Double Fine Productions

Erik Demaine | Professor of Computer Science, MIT

Edward Farhi | Professor of Physics, MIT

Brooks Peck | Curator at MoPOP

Wanda Gregory | Director, Digital Technology and Culture, Seattle University

Ted Sider | Professor of Philosophy, NYU

Daniel H. Wilson | Author of Robopocalypse

Additional Cast | Danielle Archer, Jeana Musacchia, Audrey Kentner, Kathleen Sioris, Samantha Dupler, Clara Verheyen, Hanson Kim, Ali, Emma, Isabel, Ginger, Jason, Nick, Tim, Ed, Beatrice, Joe, Travis

Crowdfunding Co-Producer | Wanda Bertram

Additional Camera | Jason Lao, Ian Glodich, Jean Sotelo

Animation | Jackie Argueta, Elijah Evenson, Yvette Endrijautzki, Jon Olsen, Lai Son, Tasachan Sandhinand

Field Audio  | Butovens Mede, Takahisa Shirashi

Additional Editing | Oscar Leong, Takahisa Shirashi

 Illustrator | Jackie Argueta, Alejandro Salazar

 Colorist | John Davidson

 Audio Engineer | Tom Stiles

 Music Mixed by | Jordan Lewis

 Solo Violin/Viola by | Maria Grigoryeva

 Production Assistant | Missy Brinks-Hoppe, David Ayala, Brittany Alsot, Michelle Erickson, Mia Greenberg, Kristy Lynn Brannon, Neal Moorthy, Sarah Mendonca, Clio Davis



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