How the time travel myth has changed throughout history. 

  • June 3, 1985

    Back To The Future

  • 1963

    The first episode of Dr. Who is aired on BBC

  • 1905

    Einstein publishes his Theory of Special Relativity

  • 1895

    H.G. Wells writes "The Time Machine"

  • 1887

    The first known book featuring a time machine is written in Spain

    Enrique Lucio Eugenio Gaspar y Rimbau publishes El Anacronópete, in Barcelona in 1887. El Anacronópete a neologism for “who flies against time”.

  • 1819

    Washington Irvine publishes Rip Van Winkle

  • 8th Century

    Urashima Tarō

    A Japanese fairy tale, featuring one of the first examples of time displacement.

  • 400 BC

    Myth of King Reivata

    Myth of King Reivata

    One of the first time travel stories written in history from the ancient Hindu text, The Mahabharata. 


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