Interviewing Dr. Ronald Mallett

Hello fellow time travel fans! I’m so sorry that I haven’t been updating lately, but I plan to remedy that. Right now we’re still plugging along with the editing, but I thought I would share with you some awesome news; earlier this month we had the chance to interview Professor Ronald Mallett, and it was so much fun!
Dr. Ronald Mallett interview
Interviewing Dr. Ronald Mallett!

For those of you who don’t know, Dr. Ronald Mallett is a theoretical physicist at the University of Connecticut. He’s most renowned for his paper that he wrote back in the early 2000’s that proves that theoretically, time travel to the past can be possible. Now he’s raising the funds to apply this theory in an experiment and potentially build a time machine.

Dr. Mallett explains his theory that circulating light beams could create a space-time loop.

How might that work? In a nutshell, it has to do with Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, which says that matter and energy can affect gravity. And in turn, gravity affects space+time. Because light is a form of energy, you could use a ring of light using lasers to send neutrons back in time. And to go even a step further, you could spin the neutrons clockwise or counterclockwise, and that could be used as a binary code to send messages to the past.

it's not a ghost it's gravity
Gravity affects space+time, just like in Interstellar. 
The day we got to the University of Connecticut, I was so worried that everything would fall through because there was a weather alert that a massive snowstorm was brewing. They were canceling flights, shutting down roads, and there was even a curfew installed for the night! But we got to spend a few hours talking with Dr. Mallett just before the blizzard hit.
Getting some exterior shots… so much snow!
We got to chat about the importance of science fiction, video games, coming out of the “time travel” closet, about the importance of having inspirational teachers, and most importantly, what inspired Dr. Mallett’s to study time travel: his father.
If you’re interested learning more about Dr. Mallett’s work and life, you can visit his personal website, or check out his memoir here.
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